Need assistance in purchasing anything seen here? Feel free to call 780-2-IMPACT or email for more information. All items seen here are first come first serve, and all prices are flexible and open to offers!

(2) Jupiter JEP-466 $800 CAD

This Jupiter euphonium is out of this world!

Yamaha YTR736 Student Trumpet $300 CAD

You’ll never trump this deal! The savings will have you going Yamaha-ha-ha-ha all the way to the bank!


Free to a good home if you can move it! But with all the music you’ll be making, you can help anyone move it, move it!

Pearl Sextet Tenor Set $250 CAD

Hey girl, are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only tenor I see. 

(3) Ludwig Classic Marching Snare

Give the competition a Ludwig Classic Marching Scare!

Red Edmonton Strutters Uniform - $20 ea.

Own a piece of Impact history with a set of 22 of these 70’s Edmonton Strutters uniforms! 

Teal Edmonton Strutters Uniform - $20

Only 1 available! Get it while it’s hot!

Set of 5 Pearl Marching Bass Drums

We’re all about that that bass! Call for more info on pricing!

(7) Selman Student Model Marching Baritone $500 CAD

Looking for a bari good deal? Look no further!

(6) Selman Student Model Trumpet $200 CAD


Give us a call and we’ll have our best Selman on the phone! They’ll help you find incredible valve-ue

Musser M 31 Marimba $800 CAD

Key in on this deal! 

Vintage Jupiter Marching Snare

Ready to face the wear and snare of every day use, this Jupiter snare will be right by your side! 

Tunics, Shakos and Gauntlets

Nothing spiffier than new uniforms!

Current inventory consists of 54 Tunics, 47 Shakos and 44 Gauntlets all in various sizes to fit your whole band! 

Shakos start at $20 per, and can go down in group deals. $30 nets you a tunic, shako and pair of gauntlets

Black Edmonton Strutters Uniforms - $20
White Edmonton Strutters Uniforms - $20