About Us

Impact Performing Arts Association is a non-profit organization, incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta.  We are also a federally registered charitable organization, dedicated to enriching our community and the surrounding area through its youth.

 We will create a positive IMPACT in our community through the performing arts by instilling an unwavering commitment to musicianship, discipline, responsibility, teamwork, and leadership throughout our organization.

 The goal of Impact Performing Arts is to offer a 150 member world class drum corps (Or Marching Band) in Edmonton. We will perform within Edmonton, throughout Alberta, and at Marching band events, as well as create competitive winter colour guards and winter percussion ensembles. By showcasing the best of Northern Alberta’s youth to the world, we plan to become ambassadors of the culture and heritage of Western Canada.

 We believe that in order to be effective, we need to create a lasting positive impact on our members, staff, volunteers, supporters, and community. We believe that the arts can create exceptional educational and life experiences for our members, providing them with leadership skills, a strong sense of work ethic and a core determination to be the best person they can be. Each individual who comes into contact with our organization will be enriched, valued, and treated with the utmost respect.